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There's a basic talent that it is advisable to know before you step into the world of being a Director of Photography. Going to a set with just a few basics beneath your belt will help you jump through your profession ladder a lot faster.

Do not be a hero! No seriously... I have seen it far too many occasions, the guy on set that wishes to do all the things and by doing so does nothing but look like he is working around with his hair on fire. An environment friendly DOP is a great DOP... The coles notes on this lesson is to make use of your resources to the fullest extent, 10 folks working at half velocity collectively is healthier than one working really hard. I gives you a couple of real life examples of this:

---On this shoot we had no more than 5 lights available to use and lets say no more than 10 C stands. He had at his useful resource 2 Grips, 1 Gaffer and shall we say 5 PA's that would simply step up to the plate if called upon.

He was requested to gentle a reasonably fundamental interior scene, with 3 actors. it took him 4hrs earlier than the scene was lite! Each mild was moved and removed at the very least once and what went to image finally was one 800w light partially flagged and a 1k bounced off the ceiling.

I saw the Los Angeles DP move lights over and over again, run cables, advertjust flags and who knows what else. What I didn't see was a frontrunner directing his crew to carry his imaginative and prescient to life... "Director" is within the job title, and for this story it is a worth mentioning that "Director" is the first word in "Director of Photography".

He forgot about his team, gave no direction and tried to do every part without help. He would advertjust a light then go to camera and look, and back again... and so on. He had no clear idea of find out how to light the scene, and more importantly forgot to make use of his resources.

Here is a quick rationalization of the right way to go about lighting a scene.
a) Evaluate the scene it's important to lite
b) Decide the best locations on your lights
c) DIRECT... Allocate work and get your staff in motion in direction of inserting the desired lights
d) Tweak... stay at the camera, video village or the place the digital camera is going to be positioned so you can see the image. Then look for the lighting points that want more/much less gentle and have your workforce adjust them while you watch the adjustments happening and call out direction in real time.

If I'm not certain in regards to the location of a lite, I'll have somebody "Hollywood" (hold in place) a light-weight as I direct movement till I am happy with a location, then I'll call to lock up that location, at which they'll get a stand and completely place the light.

There's more to lighting and more variables clearly, however this is simply a lesson about using your resources. This DP wanted to observe the simple basics to lighting a scene. If he used his sources, the experience of lighting this scene would have been more environment friendly for him. As I discussed earlier he went to picture with 2 lights, which takes even the least skilled only no more than 10min to place.

*Reference level, I lite an exterior scene with 1 grip and 1 gaffer that covered a steadicam walk for approximately one thousand feet. It was cold, and darkish out as it was the center of the night. We used a 10k, 5 4ft Kino's and five 650w lights, all ran on a generator and extension cords all flagged, scrummed, or gelled. It took beneath an hour earlier than we lite and recorded a circle take... I didn't touch a single lite within the process.